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'There was a big flash.' A big flash? That didn't sound big enough.

Holly reached down and grasped No.l's wrist, pulling him over the sill. She was dismayed to see that her own arms were not as invisible as she would have hoped. Her magic was wearing thin. Shielding was a real power siphon. She would flicker into visibility soon whether they were safely away or not.

surprised to find Doodah directly in front of her, rummag-ing in his pocket, presumably for the access chip to his unit. Something must have held him up for a minute. Maybe he had ducked behind a crate to avoid the Wheelies. Whatever. She had another shot at him.

'I understand everything. In any language you care to speak in.'

'I realize that, but my friend here, the large one, would be extremely happy if you could let us in for a minute.'

So Butler acted. He took four smart steps away from the door to disentangle Minerva from Kong's grasp. It was a simple thing, the man was barely semi-conscious. He seemed to be operating on some kind of psychotic energy. Butler simply stepped down hard on his wrist, then rapped him sharply between the eyes with the knuckle of his index finger. Kong's eyes rolled back in his head, and his fingers relaxed like the legs of a dying spider.

'But nobody can hide from you, eh, Foaly?'

Holly placed her boot on Doodah's midriff. She was reluctant to jump through LEP hoops, even for an under-cover wing commander.


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