Kitchen Appetizer

A1 GyozaJapanese style pan-fried pork & vegetable dumpling 5
A2 ShumaiJapanese style steamed shrimp dumpling 4
A3 Wasabi ShumaiSteamed pork dumpling mild spicy wasabi flavor 5
A4 Haru MakiSpring egg rolls, made from cabbage & crabmeat 4
A5 YakitoriGrilled chicken & scallions on a stick 4
A6 GomatoriSesame chicken 6
A7 Beef TatakiJapanese style seared steak with punzu sauce 7
A8 TempuraShrimp & vegetables deep-fried in tempura batter 6
A9 EdamameSteamed soybeans in the shell 4
A10 Soft Shell Crab Tempura 8
A11 Age TofuPan fried bean curd 4
A12 Calamari FryFried squid 6
A13 Rocky ShrimpFried shrimp with sweet chili mayo 6
A14 Crispy OysterFried oyster 6
A15 B.B.Q. Spare Ribs 8